Why NeoThinkTank?

Flexible Hours

Flexible Hours — Our programmers are available weekends and evenings at no extra charge. This means the ease of scheduling server maintenance during off-peak hours or getting ahead of the game by having necessary improvements done before the start of work Monday morning. Even when NeoThinkTank staff is away from the desk, we are only a phone call or email away from responding to essential and time critical questions.

Green Company

Green Company — Our company is doing our part to help the environment. Since our programmers work from home, we leave little to no carbon footprint. All our communications are done digitally without any significant production of paper waste. We feel that caring for our environment is vital.

Conveniently Local

Conveniently Local — The versatile structure of our company provides many unique advantages. While we are based primarily online, available to companies anywhere through the convenience of an online presence, we also acknowledge the importance of a physical presence, too. That is why we also maintain office in Colorado Spring, Co and one in Western Massachusetts. Whether it is online or in person, our company provides personalized support for all our clients.

Quality People

Quality People — When a company hires us, they deal with people. Instead of some faceless entity, each client has one point of contact, who will work with that same client throughout the whole process. However, this does not restrict the personale available to our clients. Each client will have the full resources of our entire team at their disposal. The benefit to hiring NeoThink Tank is services of working with one person but the resources of an entire team. At Neo Think Tank we do not outsource any of our work- we are an American company. All our staff are qualified professionals with years of work experience that have attended nationally recognized American universities.

Sense of Community

Sense of Community — Even though NeoThinkTank is a small online company, we still foster a sense of community. As a part of our dedication to the community, NeoThinkTank develops, hosts, and maintains an online item management software for the charitable organization, The Redistribution Program. Operating out of University of Massachusetts Amherst, the program coordinates with the International Programs Office to bring new international students used household goods that have been donated by previous international exchange students. Our programmers developed custom mobile friendly software to help the Redistribution Program manage donations, inventory items, register new students. in addition to hosting their website. NeoThinkTank feels that participation in the community is important. It is not enough to be a company helping people, but we are more than than that- we are people helping people. Finally, we at NeoThinkTank believe that being a good citiczen means standing up against discrimination. As such, we refuse to do business with any person, enterprise, or goverment that openly tolerates or encourages discrimination.

Understand Small Business

Understand Small Business — NeoThinkTank understands the needs of small businesses because we are a small business. Being a small business often means that every employee must wear multiple hats and that is exactly what NeoThinkTank does when hired to manage a company’s technology needs. Our employees are versatile and responsive to meet each company’s unique needs. Often they take the time to learn and understand the ins and outs of each industry that they are involved in to best meet that company’s needs. We understand small business economics, which means stretching your dollar as far as you possible to cover basic needs. NeoThinkTank employees often help customers plan economically for their needs. There is no one better than a small business to understand another small business.